Steam and Go

Steam and Go Bagless Steam Cleaner & Steam Mop

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The Housekeeper Pro-series Steam Cleaner & Steam Mop is an easy-to-use yet versatile steam mop that you can clean your whole house with! Easily clean your hardwood, laminate, or tile floors with machine-washable mop pads! Slip-on the carpet glider and use the foot pedal to spray water ahead while you steam! This amazing all-in-one cleaner can also clean glass, a metal such as an oven range, or even fabrics around the house such as drapes or furniture! Using the included measuring cup and funnel, filling up the water tank is a breeze. The 350ml water tank allows for 30 minutes of continuous steam time before needing a refill! The power chord stretches an impressive 17', allowing you to conveniently navigate the large rooms in your home without constantly unplugging the unit. The base is detachable from the rest of the unit allowing for precision cleaning using all the included attachments! Once removed, your steam mop becomes a lightweight, handheld cleaner capable of cleaning those hard-to-reach places. Making a decision has never been so simple!