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Raynolds 4.5" Memory Foam and Fibre Two Piece Mattress Topper

Taille: Twin
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  • Reduce motion transfer for unwanted sleep disturbance
  • Unique two-piece design features 3" of memory foam with 1.5" of fibre
Take your mattress from ordinary to extraordinary by adding the 4.5" Memory Foam Mattress Topper. This topper is truly the best of both worlds utilizing the support of memory foam and the added comfort of a fiberfill pillowtop. The revolutionary memory foam layer provides 3" of ultimate support and comfort working with your body’s unique shape and size for a personalized sleep experience. The memory foam reduces pressure on joints while working to channel away heat reducing unwanted sleep disturbances. Adding 1.5" of fiberfill leaves you feeling like you're sleeping on a cloud. The dual benefits of the memory foam and fibre topper give you the best of the worlds: luxurious comfort and unbeatable support, for your best night's rest.