Millwood Pines

Miluse Free-standing Bamboo Bath Caddy

Sizing guide


  • Bamboo bathtub caddy- this bathtub caddy has been made with 100% natural bamboo wood. This is more sturdy and durable compared to the plastic caddy that may break down. Also, the wood gives a lovely rustic feel to your bath time.
  • Extendable tray- the updated version of this bamboo bathtub caddy now includes an adjustable bamboo bar that will hold whatever you’re reading as well as any other supplies you may wish to have around you such as your phone or scented candles.
  • Book/tablet holder- this bathtub tray features a book holder that can also be used to hold your tablet. This ensures that your book always stays dry and that you’re always connected to your friends and the internet while you enjoy a soak.
  • Fits most bathtubs- this bathtub tray caddy has been made to suit most standard-sized bathtubs so you do not have to worry about whether this caddy is the right fit for you or not. Furthermore, this is an extendable caddy so it can be made to fit a larger bathtub.
  • Extending sides- this caddy is 27.5 inches long; when extended, it is 41.25 inches long; slide it to the size of your tub to rest on the sides. The book/iPad rest is designed to conveniently fold down when not in use for easy storage.
This eco-friendly bamboo wood bathtub organization tray with sliding arms elevates your bathing experience to be one of escape, comfort, and full enjoyment. It features several separate sections to hold everything you need to keep you comfortable during your bath. It can hold a variety of items or accessories, including a towel, soap, and washcloth, or maybe a great book to read on your smartphone, and a glass or cup filled with your favourite drink. This wonderful product is quality construction and is made from 100% natural bamboo. Order one for each bath in your home to keep all your necessities organized when you are soaking your cares away in a hot bath. It also makes a great gift.