Kalorik HUVI Self-Emptying Station

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Meet the robot that not only cleans up after you — but after itself too! The Kalorik Home HUVI® Self-Empty Station takes hands-free cleaning to another level, automating your HUVI® robot vacuum to empty its own dustbin. Thanks to this streamlined technology, you no longer have to stop to empty your HUVI® to continue cleaning. Once the dustbin is full, HUVI® automatically navigates and docks onto the self-empty station, which then sucks the debris out from the lower exhaust ports of the compatible UVC dustbin and into the 3-litre dust bag. An anti-allergy safe seal automatically closes and seals to trap dust and allergens inside. A HEPA filter in back of the station captures tiny particles to prevent them from reentering the air. The Kalorik Home HUVI® Self-Empty Station comes with a HEPA filter, dust bag, and compatible UVC dust bin.