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Flex Bar 7.9" LED Beer and Liquor Marquee Sign

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Direct your guests to the good stuff with this sign! Celebrate the good times with our 7.87" high bar marquee LED light. Illuminated by LED bulbs and powered by a battery, it is the perfect decoration for creating your own bar atmosphere in your home. Crafted of metal and plastic, this one-piece sign spells out the word “BAR” in bold capital letters. Rounding out the design, each letter is lined with exposed LED bulbs for a bright, marquee design. Freestanding table decor or mounted to the wall, it is easier than ever to make your own pub in your home. The bar is now open! The "BAR" sign creates a lively atmosphere for fun gatherings over a delicious cocktail. Operated simply with two AA batteries (not included) this sign is an awesome conversation piece for your home or office. Its LED-lit bulbs give the iconic sign the accent it deserves.